Orthodontic Braces

Straighten Your Teeth

Orthodontic braces are wire based appliances used to straighten and correct misaligned teeth. It aims to produce an even bite and pleasing smile!

Make cleaning easier- Crooked teeth are harder to clean as some teeth surfaces may be hard to reach which increase the risk of cavities and periodontal disease.

Boost self confidence- Straight teeth help you gain a more confident and attractive smile!

Improve your bite- Some people with severe malocclusion may experience biting or chewing difficulties. These problems will be improved as teeth are aligned correctly.

Speak more clearly- Crooked and twisted teeth may allow excess air to pass between your teeth which affects speech production.

Healthy teeth- Incorrect bite such as protrusion of central incisors increases the chances of breaking the teeth. Uneven stress distribution to the teeth due to misaligned occlusion can create excess wear and tear on the teeth

Do I Need Braces?

As we all know, braces are only needed for those who has malocclusion or 'messy teeth'. But what is malocclusion and how do we know if we have it?

According to American Association of Orthodontists, Malocclusion means having crooked teeth or a ‘poor bite’ which refers to the incorrect relation between upper and lower teeth. This can lead to oral and general health complications such as traumatic bite, speech difficulties, sleep breathing disorder if left untreated.

Following are the signs that you may need braces, If you notice there are signs that apply to you, we encourage you to book your consultation with our dentist. Our dentists will assess your condition and determine if any treatment is needed.

Is Orthodontic with Braces the Only Treatment Option for Misaligned Teeth?

  • NO. Myobrace was designed to develop a more effective option for the growing child with orthodontic problems. These appliances are designed not only to straighten teeth, but also to treat the underlying causes of crooked teeth by correcting poor oral habits such as mouth breathing, tongue thrust and incorrect swallowing patterns.

  • The primary goal of myobrace treatment is to achieve straight teeth for life - often without the need for braces or retainers. Treating crooked teeth also allows children to regain their confidence, knowing their straight teeth are on the way. This treatment requires more active effort by the child than braces, but can have far greater benefits.

  • The treatment works best when started before the permanent teeth come in between ages 8 and 12 years.