Complete Denture

Also known as full denture, a removable acrylic appliance used when all the teeth within a jaw have been lost and need to be replaced.

Partial Denture

A removable dental prosthesis which restores part, not all of the dentition. It fills in the space that is created by missing teeth, thus preventing other teeth from shifting into the empty spaces.


Easiest to wear and remove

More cost-effective

More bulky

Less stability and retention


Stronger so less likely to break

Less bulky, lighter than acryic

More comfortable in the mouth

Flexible Partial Denture (Valplast)

Better in appearance as it doesn't contain metal and blends naturally with your gums

Adjust and flex with the contours of your mouth as you chew, talk and smile

Lightweight and comfortable

General Cause of Tooth Loss

  1. Periodontal disease

  2. Tooth decay and cavities

  3. Physical injury or trauma

  4. For orthodontic treatment purposes

  5. Congenitally missing teeth

  6. Impacted teeth which fail to erupt

Importance of Replace a Missing Tooth