Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

A dental procedure used to treat infection at the centre of a tooth as a result of deep decay, chipped or cracked tooth, and trauma to the tooth.

It is done by removing, cleaning and disinfecting the pulp which contains nerves and blood vessels. The canal and cavity will be filled and sealed to prevent further bacterial infection into the bone. Without this treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth will become infected and causes serious complication

Why Do We Need to Save the Natural Tooth?

  • Nothing looks, feels or functions like your natural tooth. Teeth are important for speech, bite and chew in daily life. Preserving natural teeth can also prevent bone loss.

  • Not only the cost of replacing a missing tooth will be expensive, it requires careful maintenance to make sure the prosthesis last longer.

  • You will preserve the structure of your jaw and facial shape. Often a dental bridge or dentures may not completely fill the space where your natural tooth was missing, which may result in bone loss. Eventually, your teeth will shift to try and fill this space as well, causing changes in the overall alignment of your teeth.

  • As your remaining teeth shift they can become more challenging to clean resulting in tooth decay and gingivitis.