Scaling & Polishing

What is Scaling and Polishing?

Scaling is a process where dental professionals use an ultrasonic instrument that sends vibrations that vibrate plaque and calculus off the teeth surfaces. The instruments emits cold jet of water to prevent the tooth from overheating and flush debris away as the procedure goes on.

Dental plaque on the superficial teeth surface can be removed easily by brushing, however the problems are the plaque and calculus build up in the areas that are hard to reach by the toothbrush. These bacteria deposits can only be removed by scaling and polishing.

Polishing is important to reduce the risk of tooth surfaces trapping food debris and plaque/ minimizes gingival irritation.

Why do we need Scaling and Polishing?

  • Freshen up your breath- It removes plaque and calculus hiding below the gum-line, which often is the cause of bad breath.

  • Reduce the risks of gum disease

  • Brighter and shinier teeth- Over time calculus can build up on your teeth and this hard substance can look yellow. Scaling and. Cleaning removes all hardened calculus before your teeth are carefully polished, lifting some surface stains.

  • Protect your general health- Gum disease has been linked to many serious health conditions including diabetes, heart disease.

Is Scaling and Polishing painful?

  • No, this procedure shouldn't hurt. However, you may feel some unusual sensations in mouth, such as tickling/scraping sensation. A numbing gel/spray can be used if you're nervous about any dental pain.