Meet Our Team

Dr. Chua Hui Jin 

Doctor of Dental Surgery (USM, Malaysia)

Meet Dr Chua, one of our senior dentists with over 15 years of experience in the dental field. She graduated from University Science Malaysia in year 2005. Her enthusiasm for her job spills over into carrying out her job delicately. She is committed in providing the best patient care through good communication and high quality service. She has special interest and experience in Myofunctional therapy and early Orthodontic treatment in Children; Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment and dental implants.

Dr. Alex Chai Yee Kang

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (London, UK)

Say hello to Dr Alex Chai, one of our highly sought-after dental surgeons. Dr. Alex completed his study at King’s College London, U.K. His thoroughness and gentleness while handling patients has built up great reputation among patients. He also has special interest in periodontal treatment (‘gum treatment’) and dental implants. Most of all, he enjoys comprehensive and whole-some treatment for his patients.

Dr. Ang Cai Shan

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (PIDC, Malaysia)

Introducing our compassionate dentist, Dr Ang Cai Shan with over 10 years of experience in dentistry. Dr Ang Cai Shan has graduated from Penang International Dental College Malaysia. After completing her compulsory government service in Miri, she then joined Bright Smile Dental Clinic in 2014. Currently, Dr. Ang is a general dental practitioner in Klinik Pergigian Bright Smile Times Square Miri and her field of interest is early and comprehensive orthodontic treatment aside from pediatric dentistry. Her delicate touch has proven a positive experience, helping to create a happy experience during kids' first dental visit to the dentist.

Dr. Evelyn Lin Chin Yee

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (UM, Malaysia)

Introducing Dr. Evelyn Lin Chin Yee, a dental professional with a wealth of experience. She earned her dental degree in 2014 and has a distinguished record of service as a dental officer with the Ministry of Health prior to joining our Bright Smile team. Her extensive experience has enriched her ability to provide top-notch dental care.

Her clinical interests span a wide spectrum, including Orthodontics, Restorative Dentistry, and Aesthetic Dentistry. Whether it's correcting misaligned teeth, restoring damaged smiles, or enhancing dental aesthetics, Dr. Evelyn is a reliable expert in these fields.

She firmly believes that every individual should have a dental experience that is both comfortable and stress-free. Her gentle touch and soothing demeanor create an environment where patients can feel at ease and confident during their dental visits. 

Dr. Lim Cher Wee

Doctor of Dental Surgery (USM, Malaysia)

Orthodontic Mini Residency Programme (2016-2017)

Dr. Lim brought her extensive expertise to Bright Smile Times Square two years ago, and since then, she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to providing exceptional dental care to our patients. One of Dr. Lim's notable specialties lies in pediatric dentistry, where her passion truly shines. She takes immense joy in working with children, helping them overcome dental fears, and ensuring their dental experiences are both positive and anxiety-free. Her gentle demeanor and ability to connect with young patients make her a cherished member of our team. In her pursuit of excellence, Dr. Lim also attended an Orthodontic Programme to further enhance her skills in orthodontic practices. This additional training has made her a well-rounded dentist, capable of addressing a wide range of dental needs for patients of all ages. 

Dr. Atheni Yeo Zing Ying

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (AIMST, Malaysia)

Meet Dr. Atheni Yeo Zing Ying, a dental surgeon with a degree from AIMST University Malaysia in 2021. Joining our team in August 2023, her special interest extends to Esthetic Dentistry and Orthodontics. She enjoys playing badminton and painting during her free time. Apart from the usual dental work, Dr. Atheni is delving into clinical orthodontics in 2024. Her philosophy centers on providing patients with a comfortable and successful dental experience.

Our Dedicated Staff