In-House Clear Aligners

What are In-House Clear Aligners?

In-House Aligners work similar to Invisalign and ClearCorrect in that they apply gentle pressure to teeth to guide them into proper position over time, without any metal wires or brackets.

The only difference is that we fabricate your aligner trays here in our in-house lab, which makes them more affordable than the other clear aligners.

How is In-House Clear Aligners Different from Traditional Braces?

Invisible- It is unnoticeable when you’re wearing Clear Aligners because the trays are clear. It is an alternative option for those who think braces look unappealing.

Easier to maintain oral hygiene- Clear aligners can be removed while you’re brushing or cleaning your teeth, flossing is easily accessible.

Comfortable- The Clear Aligner material is smooth which avoids the risk of cuts from metal wires and brackets.

Avoid common issues/difficulties of traditional metal braces- difficulty of flossing

Convenient and Removable- Clear aligners are not fixed to your teeth like traditional metal braces, which means you are allowed to remove them while you eat or drink.

Fewer dentists visits- Avoid the risk of loose brackets which require more dental visits to fix it.

Step One: Scanning

After the dentist evaluates your candidacy for the treatment, Omnicam will be used to take detailed digital impressions of your teeth for Clear Aligner Planning. The scanner delivers highly accurate models faster than conventional impressions.

Step Two: Designing

Our team will use the digital impressions and cutting-edge software to design the aligners. Then, the clear aligner will be 3D printed and ready to be issued!

Step Three: Issue Aligners

The dentist will provide you the aligners along with the detailed patient care instruction, to help you achieve the best result and prevent prolonged treatment time!

Before & After Transformations