Teeth Whitening

In-Office Whitening

It is done at the dental office by a dental professional and it takes roughly an hour. This procedure is done in a safe and controlled environment with a precise amount of whitening gel to give painless, effective immediate results. Teeth cleaning is needed before this procedure to achieve the best result.

Produces immediate results- It gives you visibly whiter teeth right after the procedure.

Safe and Effective- It is done under supervision and handled with care by dental professionals. Dentist knows the exact amount of bleaching gel to apply to make it safe, yet effective. People who used take home whitening kits often missed a few steps or applications, or overused it, which makes it less effective and may increase the risk of damaging the teeth.

Convenient- It only requires one visit to the dentist, on the other hand, At-home whitening requires daily applications over an extended period of time. It is more suitable for those with busy schedules

Take Home Whitening Kit

You will get a customized tray that fits your teeth perfectly, which gives your teeth full coverage, and protects the surrounding tissues. The dentists will show you how to properly dispense and apply the solution and other instructions needed to obtain the optimal results.

Cost effective- It is cheaper compared to In-Office Whitening

Safe- Some DIY teeth whitening product manufacturers may have claimed that their products are safer and cheaper alternatives. However, they are different from the ones that are sold through a dentist. Professional Home Whitening Kits have the dentist seal of approval and are less likely to contain harmful substances that damage your teeth.

Comfort- It is less sensitive than in-office whitening treatment

Does Teeth Whitening Damage your Teeth?

      • No. There's no evidence that the teeth whitening has any harmful effect on the tooth. Teeth whitening will not damage your tooth enamel. The whitening solution will actually travel through the tooth enamel to the dentin, which is the portion that reponsible for the teeth's color. The stained tissue in the inner layer will then begin to lighten. Thus, give the teeth whiter appearance.